Morning Prayer Friday April 9th 2021
A mother and son team to start our day, as Austin joins Ann to lead our Morning Prayer. They consider how it feels to pray to God as we get [...]
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Evening Prayer Thursday April 8th 2021
Miriam’s Evening Prayer contemplates how our Lord is our strength, our sun and our salvation. Miriam asks for God’s light to be shed over those living in the shadow of [...]
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Angels Over Charlton
Imagine angels all over Charlton! We’d love there to be one in every street, every block of flats. Angels are God’s messengers of hope, so let’s fill up Charlton with [...]
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Morning Prayer Thursday April 8th 2021
Ann leads our thought provoking Morning Prayer – she considers where Christ shared meals with friends and strangers, drawing parallels with where we take Communion. Ann describes how we have [...]
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Evening Prayer Wednesday April 7th 2021
Miriam recites Psalm 105 which tells of the plagues in Egypt and recounts the flight from Egypt of God’s chosen people. This Evening Prayer Miriam prays for our Lord’s life-giving [...]
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Funeral for Revd Jean Griffiths, 7 April, 11am
The funeral service for Revd Jean takes place at 11am on 7 April. With Covid-19 restrictions still in place, Jean’s family have only been able to invite a small number [...]
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Morning Prayer Wednesday April 7th 2021
Death is swallowed up in victory – where oh death is your sting? Ann reads Psalm 113 and prays for our Lord to have mercy upon us. Ann reminds us [...]
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Evening Prayer Tuesday April 6th 2021
Miriam considers the shadow of the life-giving cross this Easter – that we may keep this in our inner vision – to give us stability when confronted with turbulent times [...]
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Morning Prayer Tuesday April 6th 2021
Ann’s Morning Prayer gives thanks to God for the wonderful gifts we are given – for the kindness of those who care about us, those who work in the NHS, [...]
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Evening Prayer Monday April 5th 2021
Miriam leads Easter Evening Prayer this week. Miriam prays for a desire for change to well up within us and asks that our hearts overflow with compassion and love. As [...]
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