January 2021

Catch-up on our Service from Sunday 31st January
We are pleased to share a recording of our service on Sunday 31st January. We worship live every Sunday on Zoom or YouTube at 10am. View order of service
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Join our livestreamed service on Sunday 31 January
This Sunday we celebrate the feast of Candlemas, the day when Jesus was presented in the Temple. We hope you can join the service which will be broadcast live. You [...]
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Evening Prayer Saturday January 30th 2021
Rob considers Advent and Epiphany – the birth and manifestation of the Christ child – who came to rid the world of sin. Rob asks our Lord to come again [...]
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Morning Prayer Saturday January 30th 2021
Our last Morning Prayer with Roberta this week and she considers how best to pray and acknowledge God through our words, thoughts and actions. She asks for our Lord to [...]
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Evening Prayer Friday January 29th 2021
Rob contemplates humanity and how Jesus was sent to share our lives and weaknesses this Evening Prayer. He thanks God for bringing this day to a close and for giving [...]
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Morning Prayer Friday January 29th 2021
Roberta asks our Lord to pour brilliance and light into areas of our lives that preoccupy us with dark thoughts, depression or lack of empathy. She prays that we may [...]
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Our latest newsletter
Catch up on the latest news, prayers and activites from our churches in our weekly newsletter Download newsletter If you’d like to receive news from our churches, please sign up on [...]
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Evening Prayer Thursday January 28th 2021
Evening Prayer and Rob reads an extract from a 6th century text that considers the birth of Christ and the infinite affect this has on the world – from the [...]
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Morning Prayer Thursday January 28th 2021
Roberta prays for all planting seeds at this time. We ask for our Lord to nourish, protect and bless all our bulbs and seeds – sewn in hope. May they [...]
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Evening Prayer Wednesday January 27th 2021
Rob welcomes the coming of night – God makes this night radiant and holy – Christ came to this world with great humility and filled our world with the armour [...]
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