Category: Prayers

Morning Prayer Saturday March 6th 2021
Michael and Peter offer their last, beautiful prayers this week. They consider the temptation of Jesus, his rejection of worldly values and faithfulness to God. They remind us that the [...]
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Evening Prayer Friday March 5th 2021
Matilda prays for us this Evening Prayer and recalls that we pray in sight of the Father who created us, in sight of the Son who purchased us and in [...]
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Morning Prayer Friday March 5th 2021
Peter and Michael lift up our souls to God – we remember God’s compassion and love at Morning Prayer as they recite Psalm 40 together. Peter asks God to help [...]
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Evening Prayer Thursday March 4th 2021
Matilda prays that the darkness of our misunderstanding be dispelled by God’s presence, may God strengthen us and displace our gloom of distraction. Evening Prayer and Matilda thanks God for [...]
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Morning Prayer Thursday March 4th 2021
Michael and Peter’s Morning Prayer as they trust in the compassion of God’s love. They read Psalm 34 and thank God for our lives, praying that nothing comes between us [...]
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Morning Prayer Wednesday March 3rd 2021
Peter and Michael read our inspiring Morning Prayer today – to our Lord of Alpha and Omega, the source of our destiny, Peter asks that God reveal a vision for [...]
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