Author: Ali Edney

Evening Prayer Monday November 30th 2020
Our first Evening Prayer with Judith B who considers the ebb and flow of each day, the passage of time and our need for restorative sleep. In the setting of [...]
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Morning Prayer Friday November 26th 2020
Morning Prayer and Catherine inspires us with an ancient prayer attributed to Saint Jerome, that reminds us of the parable of the Good Samaritan – and how Christ rescues us [...]
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Evening Prayer Thursday November 26th 2020
Rob leads our Evening Prayer and asks Christ to entrust all those ill and in pain to his everlasting embrace and tender care. Rob recites Catherine Smith’s prayer to remind [...]
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Morning Prayer Thursday November 26th 2020
Our Morning Prayer with Catherine and we consider the hope of harvest, even in the most difficult wilderness flowers and fruit can grow if nurtured  – just as Christ’s love [...]
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Evening Prayer Wednesday November 25th 2020
Evening Prayer with Rob who recalls Christ’s example – to love our neighbours and to care for those in need – as if we were looking after our Lord. In [...]
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Morning Prayer Wednesday November 25th 2020
Our Morning Prayer with Catherine who considers sin, temptation and human frailty. We pray to come to God to learn obedience, seek forgiveness and live better through the gift of this [...]
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