• on 15th September 2023

Community Choir

The Community Choir has been meeting for a year. We’re a really mixed group of people:

  • We are people who attend church each week and others who don’t go to church.
  • We are people who are singing for the first time and others who are experienced singers.
  • We are people who are quite young (7 or 8) and others who are a little bit older (80+).

But we are all having a great time and would love you to join us.

In this short video, Fiona tells us why she enjoys coming to the Community Choir

The Community Choir meets on Wednesday’s between 6.00 – 7.00pm in St Luke’s Church. Our first meeting after the holidays will be Wednesday 6 September. If you’d like to join in, just come along and find us, or drop Revd Liz an email (

We look forward to seeing you.

St Luke’s Church, The Village, London, SE7 8UG

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