• on 22nd April 2023

Easter celebrations in Charlton

Revd Liz shares her reflections on the Easter installations outside our churches

Dear Friends

The Easter gardens at St Luke’s and St Thomas, complete with empty tombs and flowers that communicate joy and new life, tell the Easter story without using words. Sometimes words only go so far, and for people who are moved by visual images, these gardens tell those passing by that God’s love is stronger than death.

The lovely mirrored risen Christ figures that appeared in both gardens tell the same story. Their creator, Kinga, has said this about them:

This year’s Easter installation shows the mirror of the Risen Jesus, who is the bridge between God and us. At the same time, everything reflected in it reminds us that it is created by God and that what is created by him is perfect and filled with boundless pure love and therefore reminds us of who we are and everything that lives on this planet. Everything, therefore, is Him and in Him. If we are close enough we will see ourselves in him, if we stand next to him we will see others in him, other objects, buses, flowers, sky, grass, sunshine. It is in Jesus that we see the world around us, ourselves and others.”

But of course, everything is a matter of everyone’s imagination. Everyone can see in this installation their own feelings and connections to the Risen Christ and his reflection in us and in him.

Thank you to the talented and devoted people who have made our church gardens places where the joy of Easter is spoken of so beautifully.

Jesus Christ is risen. He is risen indeed, alleluia!

Much love


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