• on 9th June 2023

Everyday faith – Kayin’s story

In our Everyday faith series, people from our churches share with us how their faith impacts their lives.

Today, Kayin shares his Everyday faith

Where would we find you and what would we find you doing in a typical week?

I would be outside playing football, sometimes gaming with my younger brother at home. Sometimes just sitting inside the house talking and engaging with my cousins.

How does being a Christian make a difference to your week?

I would be more charismatic; it helps me avoid being stressed and like to be more grateful with my life. Being a Christian also makes me more ambitious.

What challenges your faith and what strengthens it?

Challenges – I feel like as Christians are common, that makes it difficult to learn about other beliefs or way of faith. So in a way, I am mostly around Christians rather than other religions.

What strengthens my faith – how relatable I can be to others, because Christianity teaches me to love others no matter how different they are. It teaches me patience; it teaches me to be more for others than if I was not a believing Christian.

Where and when do you feel God’s presence more strongly?

When I am in church, or at home when I am feeling more comfortable. Also at times when I am tired or anxious, when I am relaxing in bed and when am in the Sunday service.

When does God feel absent?

When I am happy and joyful… and in a moment when I am so focused on what I am doing that I forget God.

Do you feel always comfortable talking about what you believe?

YES (Most of the time)

What might make me uncomfortable?

When other people have other beliefs to mine, it makes it very difficult for me because I don’t know how they will react about my beliefs. Or sometimes when people who I am around don’t believe in God. It makes me very uncomfortable.

How can our church, help you with that?

Every once in a while, the congregations and the young people can come together and speak about these issues, what we think about them – in other words how they deal with these sorts of challenges.

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