• on 25th August 2023

Everyday faith – Miriam’s story

What impact does faith have on our day to day lives? In the latest of our Everyday faith series, Miriam shares how she lives out her faith in her everyday life.

Where would we find you and what would we find you doing in a typical week?

I start off the day by thanking God for the peaceful night, putting the day in his hands, thinking of my colleagues, the people I will be meeting and those I meet on the way directly and indirectly. It is important for me to ask God’s guidance to take control in what lies ahead in the week.

I am grateful for the blessings the Lord has provided, the family I have near and far, friends and those who need my support.

The nourishment I get from worship and the fellowship on Sunday sustains me in the week.

My daily relationship with the Lord through being and doing in day-to-day activities and conversations I have with others whether they have faith or not. This can be through conversations with God, through thoughts or humming a hymn. Whatever happens whether in work, home life or simple things like walking in park, God is with us.

How does being a Christian makes a difference to your week?

Because my job involves meeting people from different walks of life, being a Christian allows to meet where there. Sometimes, there is an opportunity to share the word of God, other times silent prayer might be needed for person or for myself to be able to support the person(s) the best of my ability being led by the Holy Spirit. Being able to show compassion, empathy, kindness and at times just a listening ear. Some people for one reason or another are full of hurt and anger, you just need to show them that you care. Through listening and sharing even if not direct sharing the word of God, you understand the person better.

What challenges your faith?
What strengthens it?

It can be a challenge when you want to share the word of God or ask if someone if they would like prayer and you cannot do that.

Praying silently when I am in a difficult situation or someone going through a tough time, it strengthens me to carry through the day. And when someone feels that he/she can share their faith with me which gives me an opportunity to do the same.

Where and when do you feel God’s presence most strongly?
Where and when does God feel absent?

I feel Good’s presence wherever I am, through being and doing from the time I wake up in the morning and going to bed at time. He blesses me with a new day and allows me to continue.

There might be some obstacles or disappointments in a day or week, at work, family, or friends’ life, momentarily it may feel that God is absent, but the scriptures remind me or us that” I will never leave you or forsake you.”  He is always in control.

Do you feel always comfortable talking about what you believe?
What might make you feel uncomfortable?
How can our church help you with that?

When I am not in a working environment, I always feel comfortable talking about what I believe. I talk to my colleagues if they ask me about my faith and clients if they share their faith with me first.

Confrontation or argumentative conversations would make me feel uncomfortable. Being asked challenging questions especially on topics such as historical sexual abuse in Church and LGBTQI+. I know the church is having an open discussion of what has gone before in terms of policies on safeguarding, but more importantly more discussion is needed on the new reforms in the Church in the 21st century. Having the knowledge can help to respond to uncomfortable discussions or questions.

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