• on 6th July 2024

Everyday Faith – Peter’s story

What impact does faith have on our day to day lives? In the latest of our Everyday faith series, Peter shares how he lives out his faith in his everyday life.

Where would we find you and what would we find you doing in a typical week?

Since my dear wife, Jean, died, I have developed a daily routine of going to the local shops for essentials and a newspaper and then sitting in the local café with a coffee and reading the paper. When I return home I sit and finish reading the paper and then I’ve become a bit of television addict.

How does being a Christian make a difference to your week?

As a Christian my day begins ands in prayer; talking to God about my life and family. I suppose I feel nearest in a garden, enjoying God’s creation. I think I feel this most when I visit the church garden where Jean’s remains are buried.

What challenges your faith?

I suppose I feel that God is missing when I see the terrible things humans do to one another in war. I am often horrified by what humans inflict on each other.

Do you feel always comfortable talking about what you believe?

I am happy to talk about what I believe but I don’t specifically sort out time and spaces to do this. I am extremely grateful for the support I get at church and talking with fellow Christians.

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  1. I enjoyed reading your , everyday faith” account Peter . Doing the simple everyday routine things ( as you describe )are often what brings us closest to God, I think .Take care !

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