• on 20th May 2023

Everyday Faith: Roberta’s story

In the first of a new series of interviews, people from our churches tell us how their faith impacts their lives. Thank you to Roberta Bassah for telling us about her Everyday Faith

Where would we find you and what would we find you doing in a typical week?

In a typical week you will find me at work in a primary school. This will be Monday to Friday.

How does being a Christian makes a difference to your week?

As a child of God (a Christian), I start my day with thanksgiving (thanking for another morning and then commit the day to God). I have learned that we are not all the same and being among people there will be misunderstanding. However I like a peaceful environment and will accept people as they are. I believe God loves us all no matter our faults and I have learned not to judge.

What challenges your faith? What strengthens it?

My faith is usually challenged by the people I work with. Especially when there is a disagreement to how they do things which might be different from mine.

Praying and committing situations like that to God strengthens me, knowing that I ask God for peace. With prayer and humility things work out in favour for me (not always though). But as long as I am at peace then I am okay with the way things will go.

Where and when do you feel God’s presence most strongly?

In my quiet moments, at work, at home, surrounded with the children of God. I also feel God’s presence when I go for a walk. Looking at the trees and hearing the birds takes me back to God’s creation and how God took his time to create them.

Where and when does God feel absent?

Being around people or places where things are different as the name of the Lord is not there and there is no sympathy or empathy.

Do you feel always comfortable talking about what you believe?

Oh yes. I always feel comfortable talking about Jesus (my saviour).

What might make you feel uncomfortable?

When there is a disagreement about different faith makes me very uncomfortable because I don’t like to argue.

How can our church help you with that?

Give me guidelines on how to deal with situations like this when I am confronted with any.


  1. Thanks Roberta for sharing with us. be blessed always!!

  2. I loved hearing your story. Thank you . Amen

  3. Thank you so much Roberta for sharing the way you live your life with your faith with such an honesty.

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