• on 9th November 2022

It’s Pants…


… that Asylum Seekers living in Greenwich only get second hand underwear!


… (and socks!) they need for their dignity and to know someone cares.

If YOU can donate new pants and socks, Care4Calais can deliver

Revd Liz writes about a new collection in our churches to support asylum seekers living in Greenwich

Who wants to wear second hand underwear? No-one! Which is why we’ve launched IT’S PANTS!

IT’S PANTS is an appeal for NEW boxer shorts and socks for the 250 male asylum seekers living in Greenwich hotels while their claims for asylum are being processed. As well as a few Afghans, there is a broad distribution of nationalities. Eritrean, Iranians, Sudanese and Central Americans.

We need 60 large pairs of boxers and 20 extra large pairs. 20 pairs of medium socks and 20 pairs of large. BRING YOUR DONATIONS INTO CHURCH ON THE NEXT 2 SUNDAYS OR email to arrange collection. Other churches in Greenwich are donating too so we should be able to hit our target quickly. IT’S PANTS is a partnership between local churches and Care4Calais.

Find out more about the amazing work they do by clicking on this link.

On Sunday morning at St Luke’s we were visited by Rob from Care4Calais. He told us about the asylum seekers living in hotels in Greenwich and the support Care4Calais volunteers give to them as they wait for their claims for asylum to be processed.

As Christmas draws nearer, we’ll remember again that, as a baby, Jesus’s family fled his home to escape persecution and find hope and safety in Egypt. I hope we also remember that Jesus tells us that, whenever we help a person in need, we do that for him. The duty to offer hospitality to the stranger is woven throughout the Old Testament: ‘The Lord your God executes justice for the orphan and the widow, and loves the strangers, providing them with food and clothing.’

Liz with the first donations of socks and pants!

 In November 2022, that hospitality will look like boxer shorts and socks! Our link with Care4Calais (they store their donated second hand clothes at St Richards) is an example of how we are working ‘in partnership with organisations dedicated to justice, peace and reconciliation ‘. This link comes under the Witness priority of our Mission Action Plan and is one of the ways we’re living out our faith in practical ways.

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