• on 28th January 2023

Mission Update: Children’s Church every Sunday

Rev’d Liz writes an update about Children’s Church that happens at both St Luke’s and St Thomas’ each Sunday

Dear Friends

At both our churches now, we have Children’s Church. The leaders and young people leave the main service after the collect and go to spend time together focusing on the subject for the day and exploring what we can find out about God through that subject.

Children’s Church sessions start with lighting the candle and placing the Bible that has been collected from the priest. There is a gathering prayer, in which every child and adult present is welcomed by name with the words, ‘God welcomes ….., a child he loves’. Each person present has a stone with their name on which is placed near the cross.

Next we move onto the subject for the day, think about some Bible passages that relate to it and the young people make their own response to the subject using art materials.

There’s also time to say the creed with actions together before returning to join the rest of the congregation.

During the pandemic, all churches in the country found that their work with children and young people was severely disrupted, or stopped altogether. It’s been deeply disappointing. We’ve been through a difficult few years. So thank you to all the Children’s Church leaders who are making it possible for our young people to discover and experience God’s love in ways that are relevant to them. And thank you to the young people who so often refresh, challenge and encourage adults on their faith journey.

Please pray for Children’s Church at St Thomas and St Luke’s. Starting Sunday morning Children’s Church is one of the targets of our Mission Action Plan. It falls under the Discipleship priority of the MAP, helping us to grow in prayer and faithfulness.

Much love,


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  1. I think the children’s church is good for those who already come to St Luke’s but I still think we should have some type of Sunday School for children who do not come to church. Many of my friends think the same. Outreach is outreach not inreach.
    We could easily have something in St Richard’s on a Sunday, especially as we have Owen now who maybe able to launch it.
    As I have said many times, I came into St Luke’s through a jolly Sunday School not by going to St Luke’s. In fact I started Sunday School at the Gospel Hall in Charlton Church Lane! Each week we were given a bible text which helped us to look it up in the bible. It had a biblical picture with a reference on the bottom ie John etc etc with a chapter and verse. They were only small, and to this day I still have them in my bible. When we had Sunday School in The Assembly Rooms, we used to sing, make things, listen to stories – I loved it. I also still have a stand-along wooden cross that I made in Sunday school. One of the men in the congregation made them up ready for us to put together. I maybe worth giving it a try in my opinion. Messy church is only once a month and on a Saturday. It also allow parents to come – Sunday School did not…just children.

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