• on 11th September 2020

Reimagining our Mission: The Five Marks of Mission

The first mark of mission – sharing Good News


The second mark of mission – making new believers


The third mark of mission – loving service


The fourth mark of mission – justice, peace and reconciliation


The fifth mark of mission – safeguard, sustain and renew creation


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  1. Thank you for being able to listen to the videos. I think the refresh of the mission plan is timely and the focus is correct in creating new believers, young people and continuing to support the vulnerable. I think the message of christian love is a positive one ,but also turning that love into service and action is a great mission mark.

    We are all changed by the pandemic and it has made us recognise things such as our environment and notice our world and it’s incredible beauty. I think our church has adapted well in its use of social media to reach out to the community at this time. Life is very different now., but we must not let our world become too small so we become fearful to halt our plans for growth as a church.

    I think one of actions for loving service is we look at a hardship fund for our church community, that gives those in need financial help at times of real difficulty. It could also be non financial support such as helping people fill in a work application or tidying a garden..

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