• on 12th October 2022

Sharing our faith

Revd Liz asks how confident we feel in sharing our faith…

Dear Friends

Do you feel confident in sharing your faith with people who may not believe in God, with people who are unsure or with those who may even be hostile? A lot of us struggle with this, for all sorts of reasons, so we want to make it easier for everyone. As part of our Mission Action Plan we’re going to be running a course that is designed to help us all gain confidence.

There are quite a few resources out there so we’ll be thinking about what suits us best.

Follow this link to the Church of England’s new Course Leading in Evangelism

One of the presenters on this short video is Owen Morgan, who is has just started a 2-year placement in Charlton Benefice as he trains to be a priest.

I hope many of us will want to find out together how we can share our faith with people who don’t yet know how much God loves them.

Much love


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