• on 3rd May 2021

Morning Prayer Monday May 3rd 2021

Revd. Bennett Spong reads Psalm 145 where he asks God to; “raise the spirits of the downcast and restore those who have fallen away, that we may sing forever of God’s love.” Bennett asks the difficult questions today around Covid-19… how can God love us and stand idly by while so many people suffer? How shall we praise God when locked down? How can we cross the road to avoid neighbour and stranger alike? Like St Thomas Bennett asks why we should believe that Christ is raised among us, without seeing Christ standing before us? Bennett asks us to consider faith and love, he reminds us to be steadfast for others, to keep our faith, to trust in the same loving God who comes to us in our sufferings, and accept God opens up the way to new life in Jesus. Lastly Bennett prays that before we lose faith in, and criticise others – that we understand our own shortcomings first.

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