Category: Morning Prayer

Morning Prayer Tuesday May 11th 2021
“The night has passed and the day lies open before us”, Blanca leads our Morning Prayer and asks Christ our Morning Star who knows no setting, to help us find [...]
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Morning Prayer Monday May 10th 2021
Christian Aid Week – as this charity campaigns for social justice, this year it asks us to examine how we are destroying our environment. Our climate crisis hurts all – [...]
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Morning Prayer Saturday May 8th 2021
Our last Morning Prayer this week with Revd. Bennett as he prays for our community and reads Psalm 146. Bennett prays that we learn how to live in our world [...]
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Morning Prayer Friday 7th May 2021
Morning Prayer – Bennett rejoices with us for God’s mercy, faithfulness and love are with us. He reminds us that we are delivered from the dominion of darkness and should [...]
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Morning Prayer Thursday May 6th 2021
“Awake, my soul; awake, harp and lyre, that I may awaken the dawn.” Bennett steadfastly proclaims Psalm 57 at the start of our day. Bennett leads Morning Prayer and prays for [...]
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Morning Prayer Wednesday May 5th 2021
Our priest leads Morning Prayer and recites Psalm 30, where God has turned our mornings into dancing! Revd. Bennett asks us to pray for all those involved in the shaping [...]
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Morning Prayer Tuesday May 4th 2021
We have been brought from the rest of last night to the joyous light of this day and to the guiding light of eternity. Morning Prayer with Bennett who recites [...]
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Morning Prayer Monday May 3rd 2021
Revd. Bennett Spong reads Psalm 145 where he asks God to; “raise the spirits of the downcast and restore those who have fallen away, that we may sing forever of [...]
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Morning Prayer Saturday May 1st 2021
This is Sonia’s final Morning Prayer this week as she recites, beautifully, Psalm 139; “O Lord, you have searched me out and known me; you know my sitting down and [...]
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Morning Prayer Friday April 30th 2021
Sonia’s Morning Prayer considers salvation and God’s mercy, as she recites Psalm 33. She prays that the earth is full of the loving-kindness of the Lord who feeds the people [...]
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