• on 24th April 2021

Morning Prayer Saturday April 24th 2021

Our last beautiful Morning Prayer with Naomi this week… She prays that we open our lives to you oh Lord, that we make space in this day for your coming, we move from busy-ness to your stillness, from sound to silence, insensitivity to awareness, from being landlocked to looking heavenwards; Naomi asks that we open our lives and hearts to God’s love. Today Naomi reads Psalm 108; “Awake my Soul… that I may awaken the dawn”, and her own prayer reflects this text. Naomi prays that we are resolute and committed to God, she offers thanks and praise for our Father’s ever-constant and certain love, so that our hearts may sing to our Lord. Naomi prays to God to help us excel in his work, that our efforts are not wasted and follow Christ’s example – that we may rest with ease, for our spiritual promise is assuredly God’s.

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