• on 16th March 2021

Morning Prayer Tuesday March 16th 2021

The night has passed and Rick sustains us with prayers for this new day. He reads Psalm 54; “Behold God is my helper, it is the Lord who uplifts my life.” Following this thought Rick asks our Creator God at the start of each day, to help us recognise God and to notice how God works through our lives. Rick asks our Lord to support us when making choices, by letting the Holy Spirit’s power breath through and in us, fresh and renewed, and Rick praises God’s grace for being bigger and greater than any difficulty we may face. Rick reminds us that patience goes beyond all things, for God is enough, we must let nothing anguish or disturb us – but follow Christ with an open heart – for no matter what may come we need not fear. There is no real love without patience, if God is our treasure we need nothing more.

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