• on 23rd March 2021

Morning Prayer Tuesday March 23rd 2021

Morning Prayer – Ally commemorates the passing of the first year of this pandemic, and the death of so many people across the world from Covid-19, including people from our congregation. We hold them, their families and all involved in their care before their deaths, in our prayers most especially today. Ally recites Psalm 35 and considers justice and God’s salvation for those who are oppressed; ‘Great is the Lord, who delights in his servant’s well-being.’ Ally prays for our Lord’s graceful blessing as we repent in this Lenten time. Every day we are so often reminded of the beauty of nature, particularly during lock down, of field and wood, sky and stream. Ally contemplates our Lord’s boundless generosity to us, and that we shall see in our own souls how a dessert can be turned in to blossom.

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